Klarna Checkout for Virtuemart (Enhanced)

Klarna Checkout Enhanced payment plugin for Virtuemart!

This is an enhanced payment module (not the one that comes with AIO of Virtuemart package) for Klarna Checkout for Virtuemart 3. We have added all parts of the Klarna API so that you have all the latest settings for your Klarna Checkout cart. We have close partnership with Klarna (Gold Partners) so we are always up-to-date with the latest features of their API. We try to quickly support all new feature of their API.

Klarna Checkout is one of the quickest carts on the market for webshops/eCommerce available to date. It features an extremely quick checkout process and is said to raise the levels of orders on your shop considerably.

This Payment method is dependent on using our FREE One page Checkout or VMuikit (link in footer). You will then get ta great layout of the whole cart and we have optimized both to be i seamless functionality. Please see our demo to see it in action.

This cart will work on all templates for Joomla 3 and you should use Virtuemart 3 series.

Klarna Checkout is available in these countries:

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  •  Friction-free shopping
  •  No registration
  •  No sensitive information to enter
  •  Just a secure payment service
  •  Delivery prior to payment
  •  Fast checkout
  •  Pay immediately – or in 14 days
  •  Virtuemart 3 support
  •  Simple installation

Installation instruction.

Just install the plugin with the Joomla Extension Manager. Enable the plugin "VM - Payment, Klarna Checkout OnePage" and disable "VM Payment - KlarnaCheckout" "and VM Payment - Klarna". After installation you will find this Klarna One Page payment method in Virtuemart Payment Method dropdown list. Go to the second tab to see all the settings for this enhanced plugin.

You will also need to install the FREE One Page Checkout to get this Klarna Checkout to work. You find it in bottom of page. Also install via Joomla Extension Manager and just enable that plugin (filter on "one" and you find it). That's it!

Klarna Gold Partner

We are Gold Partners with Klarna company and have worked with Klarna since BETA versions was released.

 Using Yootheme template? Checkout VMuikit!



Technical information

This plugin is built for Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x. Minimum requirements of PHP is 5.3.10 or later. We recommend latest Virtuemart 3.2.x, PHP 5.6+ and Joomla 3.6.x

Download latest Virtuemart here

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Features of the One Page Checkout Joomla 3 plugin:

This video shows you some of the settings that is available and what flexibility you have. Combining it with our Enhanced Klarna Payment Module will give you a very fast and powerful checkout process. Please watch video above and you will see this demonstrated.

How to install Klarna Checkout Enhanced in Virtuemart 3:

The validation process of this video is no longer needed. So just install and start using!

This is a tutorial where VMuikit (VMuikit.com) is installed. But this Klarna Checkout Enhanced module works just the same for this FREE generic One Page Checkout you can download here on this page.

mod mobile friendly

The fastest checkout on the market

Klarna Checkout is not only one of the simplest carts for the end user but also makes it easy for shop owners to administrate. Klarna has grown rapidly because of this new technology and are becoming the standrad payment solution in the countires they have operated the longest.




Intuitive One Page Checkout interface

To make most out of the Klarna Checkout cart we have created a special One Page Checkout plugin for Virtuemart. This is so that installation is simple and quick and layout is optimal (mobile friendly etc).

Its also possible to use this One Page Checkout with other payment solutions that are avaiable. Soemtimes you need to combine with a payment method that is not avaiable in a specific country etc.

The One Page Checkout is completely free and open source!

mod klarna checkout vm



mod fastest cart

100% mobile friendly

Klarna Checkout is one of the most effective mobile checkout processes on the market. With minimal fields to enter you checkout safe and quick with you smartphone anywhere.




Automatic fit with your chosen template

We have built thes One Page Checkout so that it will take as much CSS and styling from your template as possible. So colors and fonts will match your template by default.

We have also implemented Klarnas API so that  you can change color on the Klarna Checkout interface to also fit your color scheme for a beautiful complete web design.

Klarna Checkout Virtuemart 3.0



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Download Generic Onepage Checkout for Virtuemart 3

This is the needed FREE One Page Checkout that is seamless made for the Klarna Checkout Enhanced module. This One Page Checkout also works wit all standard Virtuemart payment modules like PayPal etc.

Download Generic One Page Checkout

By "generic" we mean that this comes witha stripped CSS and JS library so that it will work with all Joomla templates. Even if its Gavick, Joomlart or any other maker. Also its independent on Bootstrap 2 or Bootstrap 3 or any other framework. Just install plugin and enable it and it should work fine with your currently used template. More info...

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Download Virtuemart Payment Method: Klarna Checkout Enhanced

Here you can download the Virtuemart payment plugin. Please note this is for Virtuemart 3 only.

This is a Virtuemart Payment Plugin so after you enable it you will find it in Virtuemats Payment modules in Payment configuration in Virtuemart setting.

Download VM payment method

klarna checkout demo

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Virtuemart One Page Checkout
The FREE One Page Checkout for Virtuemart!

Klarna Checkout Enhanced
The Klarna Checkout Enhanced method!

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Yootheme and Virtuemart in harmony!